When you sell your house in Long Beach or elsewhere, you want to have your Realtor® use every advantage to make sure that every possible Buyer for your house is able to see it, whether they are one town over or a world away.  View Video. 


I petted an alien creature today and this interesting interaction in Alien Zoo at Dreamscape, a virtual reality experience in Century City, has me musing over the high-tech tools we agents have to sell your house: from videos to drones to virtual reality.


The most unique house selling tool is Virtual Reality, which captures images and plays them back in a 3D format that allows you to engage with the images in a very realistic way. This is an effective way to show distant buyers the house that you have for sale without them visiting the house or even being in the same country. Homebuyers can virtually walk through your home and experience the size and layout of the property. Matterport is one company commonly used that often has been used to show homes this way. An example is shown during the video.

The virtual real estate experience can also allow buyers to visualize how their furniture will fit into a house that they want to buy through virtual staging or give a realistic representation of how a future build will look and feel. It is an invaluable tool to help both buyers and sellers in certain situations. House sellers will benefit with the marketing and promotional capabilities of the virtual reality experience. Home buyers and investors will enjoy the freedom of being able to visit properties remotely. The downside is the need for the specialized headset and an app on your phone and the fact that, although a growing industry, virtual reality is not standard for listings and there is a significant cost involved.


I’ve enjoyed using virtual reality for entertainment such as at the Alien Zoo at Dreamscape where I was able to visit an intergalactic zoo of mythical creatures. The truth is that Virtual Reality has gone beyond being a fun toy and can be used as an eye-catching tool for real estate or architecture.


The goal for me, as a Real Estate Agent, is to get your house sold and it is possible that virtual reality could be an asset in selling your house.  It is one of the tools available in the game plan that I work on with each of my clients.  Let’s discuss if it makes sense for your home sale. Call Janet Darrow at 562-243-5317 to discuss selling your home.