Testimonials-What Buyers, Sellers and other Agents say about Janet.

“Janet is one of a kind, from day one she ran to help find my wife and I a home. We were moving from Irvine hoping to find a condo in Long Beach. Just like any other home buyer, our taste changed from the type of home all the way to the city. We explored single-family homes/condos from Oxnard all the way to Murrieta. My wife and I searched for a home for two months. She was with us in lock-step the whole way through. The market is hot for sellers and not so for buyers. Janet’s knowledge of how real estate works and her extremely friendly personality landed us in a single-family home in Murrieta. The home we were able to get had many more offers and more financially viable to the home-buyers however, Janet’s personality won them over. My wife and I have been in our home a little over a week and we could not be happier with the choice that we have made. If you are debating or on the fence of a real estate agent, I recommend you look no further than Janet. She was always free to speak and quashed any concerns we had. During our home buying experience, Janet went on vacation and you couldn’t even tell. She answered every e-mail in a timely manner and we were able to see every home we requested. My wife and I even went on vacation and Jan only contacted us if it needed our attention. She is able to fine-tune every aspect of the home buying experience. Janet will always be our go-to agent for when we eventually sell this property.”

Conner and Bess R. Murrieta

September 2020- First time buyers. VA Loan


“Janet was great! When we first talked I was all over the place – I didn’t know what I wanted. After looking at a few properties, Janet strung together all of the things that I LOVED in the properties we saw and the things that were “never”. She found the property for me with almost all of my “loves” in a house! During the process Janet was always available. She was calm, cool and collected even when we hit a little “bump” in the underwriting process!”


Karen A.   Long Beach

January 17, 2020


“Janet is a very professional agent that is always available

I found her easy to work with and appreciated her keeping us on track during a very long escrow. She is very proactive

I would highly recommend Janet.”

Kathleen Coughlan (Two-time client)

18th Sep 2019


“Janet was personable, professional, and on the ball. She put up with a multitude of questions from me and was easy to work with. She was communicative throughout the whole process, and understood our wants/needs well. Even when injured or on vacation, she was airways doing everything she could to help us. I never felt pressured from her to offer more than I felt comfortable with, and trusted that she was representing my interests. I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.”

Lars Ellingsen, Westminster

6th Mar 2019


“We are very fortunate to have chosen Janet as our Realtor for the purchase of our home. She selected a variety of homes for us to visit with all the details we were looking for. She took the time to stay with us during the whole process and looked after our rights as buyers. We finally got the house we wanted and even though we are not in the area all he time, she still support us in any way she can so that we continue having a good experience in our new home. We recommend working with Janet Darrow for your next home buying experience, she not only is a wonderful person, she is also a great Realtor.”

Fatima Kaser, Huntington Beach