The Open House Song

The Baby Shark song is an “earworm” and I’d start singing everything to the tune…Feed my dogs doo doo doo doo de doo! Open House oo doo doo doo de doo.

I woke up in the middle of the night and dashed down some lyrics. Being 100% non musical I enlisted the help of Dave Albulario from New Heights Productions and Paul Michael Cooper from Black Dog Music who promptly made my silly lyrics sound great. The Open House Song was born!

Now to make the video worthy of Dave and Paul’s musicianship. Connor Robbins filmed and edited the video and a cadre of friends spent a hilarious morning with me filming the Faux-pen house in a home that was in escrow (with the permission of the seller). A few interested buyers drifted in thinking it was a real open house.

I hope that you enjoy the song and video. The new owners of this home actually came by the open house and made an offer. Note that Bari would never block my sign and I’d never chase any one with a vacuum cleaner even if they were dropping cookie crumbs.

Open House Song Lyrics

Welcome to my Open House

Bring your kids and Bring your spouse

You will find no reason to grouse

Open House


Signs out on the Street

Talk to every neighbor I meet.

And comps displayed on a sheet.

Open House


Show the house to lots of buyers

Who are there because of my flyers

Hope the house meets their desires

Open House


Show/ everybody the view

The closets/ and the parking spot too

And have them/ take off their shoes

Open House


Buying a home is a great investment

Appreciation sure beats paying rent

And the markets still decent

Open House


See yourself living here like a King

All you need is some financing

I can help you with everything

Open House


Real Estate can make your head whirl

So, call me with your referral

I’ll take care of you, I am your girl.

Open House.


It’s a Realtor’s Weekend, my friend

And I’ll do it all over again.

Selling the house is the goal in the end

Open House

Open House